Welcome to Dimensional Death, a Final Fantasy XIV Free Company that is currently on Excalibur.

Our Free Company is based around the spirit of cooperation. If you are friendly, helpful, responsible, committed, and able to take a joke or two, you are quite welcomed to join us! We are still searching for raiders, as well as casual players and crafters. Part of the fun is getting better, improving your levels or equipment, and sometimes you need the extra help to do that. That is what Dimensional Death stands for. United, friendly, helpful.

If you are interested in joining us contact any of the officers in-game(Ayasu Lemieux, Celedh Knight, Haldis Omholt, Slvr Stryker, Taber Tia or Laude Valiquette). If you're interested in raiding with us, please use the Raiding Application link on the right side bar.

Even if you are not interested in raiding, we still like having friendly people, crafters for the housing, or just people to chat with during the slower moments.

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Author Topic: [Rules Update]  (Read 5284 times)

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[Rules Update]
« on: July 21, 2014, 01:56:29 AM »
This update is mostly a change for clarification of certain rules(adding things like the philosophy as to why certain rules exist) as well as changing some of the verbiage, as well as pruning outdated rules.

Please read through these changes as well as the Rules page, as these are rules that apply for everyone, not just raiders!

Text in green denotes updated wordings.
Text in purple denotes outdated information being removed from the rules page.


* If you are in a raid group, please do not run with PUGs(Pick Up Groups) of raids with lockouts your raid has planned for the upcoming week. If you are unsure what your group is planning, please speak to your Raid Leader, or check your group's Organization thread on the End-Game Forums. If you are not sure of what raids we are running, they will be posted on both the in-game guild calendar. We will attempt to have calendar invites posted NO LATER THAN Monday evening.

* Be courteous and mindful of your Free Company mates. Remember that text can be a horrible medium for
communication and, as such, there can be misunderstandings.
Event times

*8-man raid schedule: (Please note, this schedule may change)
**Team 1: 9PM - 11:30PM EST (Sun/Mon)
**Team 2:  8PM - 10PM EST (Sun)
**Team 3: 7PM - 12PM EST (Fri/Sat)
**Team 4: 8PM - 11PM EST (Tue)

*24-man raid schedule:
** (Tentative) 8:30 EST to finish (Wed)
** (Tentative) 3PM EST to finish (Sun)

Mumble and Raid Chat Rules
*Mumble is for use by guild members only.
**Exceptions include: PUG'd raiders; friends of guild members, but ONLY if cleapurple with Ayasu first.

*No disruptive Mumble/Raid chatter. Disruptive Mumble/raid chatter includes: talking over the raid leader and assistants during a fight, prolonging a conversation to the point where the raid leader cannot speak over you, any joke that might be seen as remotely offensive. Basically, don't be immature. Personal conversations should be taken to tells, or another channel. Raid chat is for conveying useful information to the raid, not for talking about your weekend plans.

*Being able to hear Mumble during a raid or FC Event is required(as decided by event or raid leader), as it helps to ensure that you are on task and hearing all strategy and commands from the raid leader. If you cannot, or will not get on Mumble, this will affect your inclusion for raid invites.


*Ignore lists - If someone in the raid is on your blacklist, you MUST remove them for the duration of the raid. In the past, there have been major communication breakdowns due to these issues, and we will not stand for a repeat of situations that have occurpurple previously.

8-man Raid Loot Rules
Loot will be handled on a per group basis. The following is the recommended guideline for determining gear:

*All loot will weighted as followed: Current Class > Other Class.
**Current Class Rolls - Need
**Other Class Rolls -- Greed
**Don't want gear -- Pass

*Any sort of special gear progression(oils, sands, mirrors, etc) will be handled on a case by case basis as determined by the raid leader. They should not be handled under normal loot rules.

If you are logged on and are part of the group running, you are expected to attend. Failing to attend may result in warnings given, depending on the raid leaders' decision. Just because you may have all the items that raid drops, it doesn't mean that you're exempt from helping others and, in turn, helping the guild as a whole in its progression.

If something comes up that causes you to miss a raid you have committed to being on for, then you MUST either post on the forums or contact a leader with a reason why you will be missing the event. Failing to do so may result in warnings. We understand emergency situations, but try to post at least an hour prior to event start time.

If you are going to be away for an extended period of time (we're talking a few weeks here,) please post a thread under the forum "The Dusty Trail." Doing so lets us know that you've got more pressing matters and simply aren't abandoning the guild. No negative marks will be held against you in the meantime. Also, it lets us know that we'll have to fill the gaps left on our events, so it benefits everyone to tell us.

Each Raid group has their own stickied thread in the End-Game Discussion forum. If you are going to be late/miss a raid, you MUST post in your group's thread if you cannot find a raid leader. **SPECIAL NOTE** THE SHOUTBOX IS NOT FOR POSTING RAID OUTAGES.
Idle status
If you're gone for an extended period of time(90 days) without saying anything to anyone, expect demotions, or guild removal. We'll assume you've quit the game after a certain amount of time and that will make us sad.

After 90 days you will receive a PM on the forums inquiring about your status. If, after 7 days, we hear no word back from you, you will be removed from the Free Company. If you do not have a Forum account to be contacted with, then you will be removed without a PM.

If you've posted on The Dusty Trail that you'll be away for an extended period, we will move you to the "Inactive" Rank. This rank is exempt from removal.


There are currently 9 different guild ranks. Their names and privileges are as

*Guild Leader -- Leader of the guild(Ayasu).

*Officer -- Assists the Guild Leader in various tasks, including, but not limited to -- raid leading, bank maintenance, fielding guild member questions, etc.  Officers report directly to the Guild Leader.

*RMT Leader -- Officer that crafters report to. RMT Leader is also the leader directly in charge of Bank maintenance.

*Raid Leader -- A Raider who is in charge of a Raid Group made of Free Company Leaders.

*RMT Minion -- Dedicated crafter rank.

*Int. Decorator -- A temporary rank granted to give non-officers permission to re-arrange furniture in the house and front lawn.

*Raider -- Any other character that raids Any character currently in one of our FC's Raid groups. This will NOT include alts.

*Raider Initiate -- Any with the intention to raid who are in their application trial period. Before being promoted to full Raider status, Initiates must attend 3 weeks of events, with a minimum 80% attendance rate.

*Casual -- In order to be promoted from Casual to Initiate, you must sign up to the forums and submit an application via the Application form linked on the front page of the forums.

*Dippy Bird -- In order to be promoted from Scootaloo to Dippy Bird, you must sign up to the forums. Forum account display name must reflect your character name.

*Scootaloo -- Any new member of the guild who has no intention to raid(low level characters, friends of guildies, etc). Scootaloos will be promoted to Casual after 2 weeks of being in the guild, and only after asking an Officer for a promotion. Scoots will not be eligible for a raiding spot unless they submit a Raiding Application. not signed up for the forums.
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Re: [Rules Update]
« Reply #1 on: July 21, 2014, 06:23:06 PM »
Update to OP -- removed Raid Leader rank


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