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Hey all!

First, I'd like to thank you all for the AWESOME turnout tonite! I'm really sorry that some people had to sit -- and for those who were here to help who also sat, thanks so much!

Tonite we did Void Ark at the same normal time as we used to do Crystal Tower back in the day. However, since we stopped raiding back in April, we know some people have changed their raid nights for things like Alexander and such and there might be some scheduling conflicts.

So! We're trying to figure out the best night for these raids, so as not to conflict with too many people's other runs.

Below, I'd like to see everyone please post the following information:

Time/Day Preferences:
Multiple Times a week?(Yes/No):

Please let us know ASAP so that we can get this scheduled! :D

Celedh Knight:
All weeknights EST between 6pm and 11pm (not starting anything at midnight), and most of the weekends.

Yes. At or after 7pm CST is fine. No day preferance. Multiple runs would be nice so everyone has a chance to get something with a decent group.

tue/wed anytime, Bard only, only one day

My availability is most weeknights starting 5-6pm est till midnight est.  My job sometimes has me work evenings and starting in dec-jan i wont be available til 6-7 est.
Saturday availability is varied based on what time my D&d group finishes and Sundays are similar
I have a DRK and a WHM at 60 with high enough level gear to run the content

any week day is fine with me if its after 7 pm est and if we go on the weekends if its after 8 pm  i should be ok but i prefer weekdays

and i would like multiple times a week


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