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WOD Wed April 8

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Celedh Knight:
Planning it as usual, but I'll start poking people about what they want to do with this. We might change the formula around a bit, like running more of WOD or more of the first two parts, since people are placing the WOD on farm on their own.

Let me know of your thoughts on it, we have until June to wait for the next 24-man raid after all.

That said, gather in Black Brush Station as usual, 6h45 PM EST (daylight time) and 8h20 PM.

=== 7:00 PM ===
Tanks (1 per party)
A- Celedh (Heal, DPS)

Healers (2 per party)

DPS (5 per party)

=== 8:30 PM ===
Tanking with mu face (1 per party)
A- Celedh (Heal, DPS)

Healing yo ass (2 per party)

Pounding shit (5 per party)

Abbas Al'Malik:
I'll be healing yo asses. c:

Shane Gough:
I'll be monking around. :P
And a bees will be there for the first.

Zodoix Dragonblur:
i just may have to DRG us down lol (bad pun is bad lol) can go as healer if too many drrrgs

Haldis Omholt:
Tanking for the first!


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