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Celedh Knight:
Hello fellow Tower Crashers, after the 2.55 patch things have taken a change for the odd. But we are raiders and gamers, so we shall adapt. I waited until posting this due to not knowing what would be the changes.

This week we shall take on the hardest challenge yet, as we take on a double doze of Ivory Tower of Karazhan, gather together for 7pm and 8:30 pm runs, and meet up in Stormwind City by means of your trusty flying mounts. For those who have yet to afford a flying mount for some reason, the gryphon rentals are always available.

Sunday, we go for a triple run starting at 3pm EDT.

===7:00 pm===
Tank Spec (1 per run)

Healer Spec (2 per run)

DPS Spec (5 per run)

===8:30 pm===
Tank Spec (no cloth plz) (1 per run)

Healer Spec (Bandages don't count) (2 per run)

DPS Spec (No MeleeHunters) (5 per run)

===Sunday April 5th===
Tank Spec (OWIE OWIE) (1 per run)

Healer Spec (OUT OF MANA) (2 per run)

DPS Spec (LEEROY JENKINS) (5 per run)

I'm in as a retadin! Hammertime, bitches.

N'aline Halah:
Gonna bring that Shadow Priestly goodness.

(On Wursday. Got work on Satmounday.)

Shane Gough:
MNK wants BLM WoD chest piece for future BLM set up. Only thing I'm missing. Everything else is fair game. I'll give my retainer the remaining MNK pieces as I win them (greed off!).

Dibs on Fiery Warhorse.


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