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Evoluxia Tyanu:
Evo here. Usually WHM, but I've been know to do a bit everything for the sake of the group. Also in Hampton Roads... =_= .... Just for the sake of das introductions. Glad to see there's someone else from the 757 on here.

PS. Beware the Batman.

Tsunade Uzumaki:
50 BRD  ILvl 113 
50 BLM  Ilvl 108
50 NIN   Ilvl 109

I play a good bard. Im pretty good BLM and NIN. Im always open to constructive criticism and improvement. I dont have time to research and study jobs like my old FFXI days so would appreciate any tips. if you see me doing something odd.

I do play on PC BUT Im not really "PC" so may be a little slow with things like mumble settings.

BUT you should see my man cave with 4x 37" flat screens, PS4, xboxone, 2x xbox360 (use to tripple box FFXI when my son wasnt around to help)

Check out my FFXI toon Ecaroh on Ragnarok server on  I use to do real good work. :) Still rated in top 2000 and thats afet being away for the last year.

I ramble here but am quite in live event chats. I hate to talk over peeps but listen well.


N'aline Halah:
N'aline here!

I only have Bard at 50 at the moment, but I'm looking into getting my alt classes up and am primarily interested in WHM for that.

I believe that it is my duty as a Bard to make awfulawesome jokes and my primary wish for a possible future emote would be a continous harp-playing emote!

Sup, Kyoka here :) I'm a sarcastic ninjapanda who loves purple.  WHM is my main but I also have a 50 PLD and BRD.

There are a few of us from 757  8) /cheer more local peps


I'm Ayasu, AKA the Kitty Monk of Doom. :3

I'm the founder and leader of Dimensional Death. :) Been doing the guild-leadery-thing now for almost 10 years. :3

Way back on FFXI I started as a Mithra Monk, raided on WoW for a few years as a Hunter, and kicked up FFXIV as a Miqo'te Monk, originally and race changed to Lalafell last year sometime.

I've got high hopes for this linkshell, and I'm hoping we can get some 24-person groups rolling out, soon! :D


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