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Celedh Knight:

This thread is to be used to present yourself summarily. We ask you, for logistic's sake, to give your preferred Class for runs, and any alternate classes that you are able and willing to bring in case we need to balance the parties. You can spice this up with a bit about yourself if you want! Get to know everyone :)

So to start off, here's about me.
I am level 50 everything, but my preference is Paladin. White Mage was my first level 50 though, and always my second choice, with Bard as a third choice.
I am a founding member of our Free Company (and once Linkshell in FFXI), always been there to help others as much as I can.
Due mostly to unemployment at the time, I worked on the Hunting Logs (with input and information from fellow FC for each class and rank, which I thank them for). I fear the coming of 10 more levels and 3 new jobs.

Yo, Laude here.

Primarily BLM for the time being, but I have all DPS level'd, although the alternatives I'd prefer going as are DRG or NIN.

Also a founding member of the FC while XIV was in beta, and was an officer for the linkshell in FFXI, and still can officer for the WoW side of things, although we don't do much on there anymore.

Also I like long walks on the beach and grabbing your sweet sweet ass.

Shane Gough:
Shane "can't shoot for shit" Gough, also used as the scapegoat when something fails and it isn't Darth's fault, is primarily a MNK. :D

Was pulled into this game by the lovely Flare, friend and sister. Primarily frolics with mobs punching all the things and always starting with Shoulder Tackle. Has a DRG50 macroless and will have a BRD50 macroless soon (not soon enough tho). Currently needs some more poetics for a chest piece (surprise, it's not pants! seriously, there's a pantless epidemic, has no one noticed?).

Extra: Totally fake quote from Eribee, who is part of the linkshell (posted with some semblance of authorization ;) )
"Eribee here, desu~! Teehee! I'm like, a total fan of SMN, which is my main! Teehee~ I can totally do BLM, or PLD or even SCH if you need me to. ;) Just letting you though, totally gonna do my best not to let you die~ Teehee! I'm like, Shane's bestie, okay? ;) Totally not part of this FC, but, like, totally glad you're letting me in the linkshell~! Need more ST runs~ Yay! Just hit me up at 555-V-I-C-K! Teehee~!"

I regret nothing!!! XD

Pointed Taru,  maining sch but I'm usually a healer anyway.

Played with people in from the FC in FFXI but didn't like the game enough to stick with it. FFXIV is the first MMO where I've been able to play to the end game. I'm enjoying the challenges so far.

Not sure what else to say really.

Abbas Al'Malik:
Hello everyone! My in game name is Abbas Kamigami, but you all can just call me Abbas. It's a pleasure to meet you all!
I main White mage (i106), but can run as DRG(i95), BRD(i94), or PLD(i93) for any raid or dungeon.
As for the person behind the screen, Hellur~. My name is Brittany, a college student studying in Information Technology at TCC here in the Hampton Roads region of Virginia. FFXIV is my favorite game, one of which I play a lot when I'm not busy doing chores or doing schoolwork.

I look forward to speaking/running with you all! <3


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