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Tower Crashers - Information and Rules
« on: January 19, 2015, 11:25:23 PM »
The rules are simple and to the point.

Need Before Greed
The lockout should mostly take care of making sure every gets an even share, but its courtesy to see if your party needs it more than you do. Basically, if the item will be used on a secondary or third job, then please allow people that are working on their main class to get an upgrade first. Some people are also running on a different class to balance the team, so be considerate.

For simplicity, I would suggest that every party communicate their preference of items, generally by what role/class can equip it, and Greed off (rather than Need).

We will be keeping an attendance for the sake of making sure the players are active, due to the limit of 128 people in a Linkshell. Inactive members will be regularly removed, but not banned, so you can always rejoin if Real Life gets in the way.

Attendance is counted if you are ready to run, regardless if you are actually part of the 24-man or not (in case we get more than 24). We aren't putting a hard number for removal, but this will likely happen more often when we get closer to 128 members in the Linkshell.

Be nice
Simple rule, we won't tolerate badgering, insulting or discrimination. Sure, we have fun and make jokes, we have a sense of humor as well, but if we feel it gets out of hand, warnings will be issued, and can lead to removal depending on the severity of it. That said, if you feel that jokes toward you are going too far, you should also voice it up. We want a friendly and fun atmosphere for everyone present.

If you want more details or information on how we run things in our Free Company, you can consult the Dimensional Death Rules linked in the right side bar.
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