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Title: Stormblood Preparation
Post by: Celedh Knight on May 28, 2017, 01:48:06 PM
So getting hyped for Stormblood? With about 3 weeks left, here's a small guide of things you can do to prepare yourself and preempt it.

If you're going for RDM or SAM, invest in 130 armors. Augmented Ironworks with poetics, or Dreadwyrm from Final Coils of Bahamut. Casting for RDM, and Striking for SAM. 130 gear practically carries you to level 60, only the upgrades given through the actual story and side-quests beat them because they are HQ. NQ gear you find on vendors don't come close, and even though they have a higher item level even armors found in The Vault are sometimes weaker.

To finish Heaevnsward, item level 230 is the minimum, which isn't hard to acquire. Lore gear, Dun Scaith, Alexander Normal... even 270 armors probably will get replaced halfway through Stormblood, as long as you're strong enough to reach it!

----Levequests Allowances----

If you stop using them completely in June, they should be up at max by the time Early Access start. 16 days x 6 allowances per day = 96. Close enough here.


-Beasttribes : Complete up to 6 HW tribe quests but don't turn them in. You can simply talk to the NPC and pick up the EXP after Stormblood starts. Since beast tribes can only be completed on the class you pick them up on, it cannot be used on RDM and SAM. Your allowances count for the day you pick them up, not complete, so you can do another set of 12 immediately. And if you are playing early on the first day, you can get a third set done after the daily reset.

-Centurio Clan Marks : These can be done on any class. The bills are handed by day, but there's no time limit to complete them. So save your daily a day ahead, and you can do 2 sets of them on the same day. And a third set after the daily reset.

-Levequests : Similar to Beast tribes, you can precharge several of them, preferably of the highest level, and complete them for a quick turn in, but again its limited to the class you pick them up, so no can do on RDM or SAM. They also don't count for the current day, only for the day they were picked up on, so you can do 3 sets of them in the same day.

EXP for Beasttribes seems nerfed as soon as you reach 60, and levequests seem equally unrewarding. But it's still a quick charge of EXP worth several side-quests along the way. Here are the current level 60 rewards for the proposed content, so up to you to consider doing them or not after Stormblood starts.

-HW Levequests : Lv 58 - 25k EXP
-Clan Marks Level 1 : 35k EXP
-Clan Marks Level 2 : 43k EXP
-Clan Marks Level 3 : 51k EXP
-HW Beasttribes : 10k EXP

HW Beasttribes and HW Levequests seems best used for 50-59, so might be better to save them for RDM and SAM, but Centurio Clan Marks seem to give the same amount. So if you do all of the marks, it's worth about 645k EXP, a decent daily chunk to consider.

If there are other things to keep in mind that you can prepare, note them here for others!