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Title: DD10 - Free Company Meeting
Post by: Ayasu on May 14, 2017, 12:05:15 PM
Hey guys!

Immediately following the Glamour Contest on Saturday, May 20th, we'll be holding an FC meeting to discuss our plans for Stormblood, as well as some housing related questions. The leadership have some things we want to address with the FC as a whole, covering some recent events and some ongoing issues.

This meeting is not expected to go longer than an hour and a half, and will wrap up with a large group screenshot to celebrate our 10th year as a community.

Back in the day in FFXI, we used to use the word "Mandatory" for these meetings, as we used a points system. This was to stress the importance of meetings like this. While we can't make you show up for this, we do really want to stress that this is a great time to air out any questions or concerns you have with the FC. We love getting feedback from everyone, but it happens so seldomly and we really would love to know how we're doing and what we could be doing better.

Looking forward to see you there!