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Title: [DD10] Stormblood-themed Glamour Contest
Post by: Ayasu on May 14, 2017, 12:34:12 AM
Hey guys! Our next event is next weekend. It's gonna be a Glamour Contest! Let's go ahead and get right into the particulars, though!

Where: Dimensional Death Free Company Manor: Goblet, Plot 19, Ward 3, basement
When: Saturday, May 20th @ 6:30pm Central. (7:30pm Eastern, 4:30pm Pacific)
Theme: We'll have two categories! To celebrate Stormblood, we'll have a bit of a focus on the Far East!

Category 1: Casual - do your best to show off your Far Eastern style!
Category 2: Combat - Bring your best Samurai, Ninja, Monk or Red Mage styles!

Rules: All costume submissions must be submitted by screenshot -- either by supplying your own, or by contacting Ayasu Lemieux in-game to take screenshots for you. If you submit your own, PLEASE make sure the lighting is good! Screenshots must be submitted by 11:59pm Pacific on Friday night. Costumes will be rated by our panel of Judges throughout the day on Saturday. Results will be announced during the walk-ons on Saturday. If you are not able to be there for the walk-ons, you will be disqualified. You can only submit an entry for one(1) category.  You may do a walk on for both categories.

All entries must be from characters on Excalibur.

All participants must be available to do walk-ons on stage by 5:30pm Central. Why an hour before start time? So we can do a quick "rehearsal" for the main show! This will help solidify the order we walk on and *hopefully* reduce the amount of chaos, should we get a lot of entries. Note: These rules and prizes are subject to change. Edits will be posted and clarified!

How to submit entries: There are a few ways you can get screenshots over to us. First, by tweeting @ayasumonk (https://twitter.com/ayasumonk) on Twitter. You can also shoot me an email using this link with the subject "DD10 - Glamour Contest" (ayasulemieux@gmail.com). You can also submit via Discord by joining my Stream Discord (https://discord.gg/uhvUmY9) and sending me a PM with the screenshot attached.

As there are two categories, there will be two 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners -- one for each category. The prize lists for both categories are as follows: Due to low submissions we've combined both categories into one, and there will only be 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners.

1st Place Prizes
100k gil
1 Zu Mount Token or 1 Expeditioner Cap Token
1 A World Apart Orchestrion Scroll or 1 Engage Orchestrion Scroll
Choice of 2 pets from the list below(no doubles)
Bahamut Miniature

2nd Place Prizes
50k gil
1 A World Apart Orchestrion Scroll or 1 Engage Orchestrion Scroll
Choice of 1 pet from the list below.
Odin Miniature

3rd Place Prizes
25k gil
Choice of 1 pet from the list below.
Magitek Reaper

Everyone else will receive 1 pet in the order they were scored by the judges. Everyone gets something!

Pet List
Tomato King  Onion Prince  Eggplant Knight
UnicoltDress-up AlisaeWind-Up Tonberry
NutkinUgly DucklingTight-beaked Parrot
GaelikittenPaissa BratDress-up Thancred
SmallshellInfant ImpGold Rush Minecart
Pudgy PukBaby BunMandragora Queen
BluebirdWind-up Estinien