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Title: [DD10] What's your fondest memory in Dimensional Death?
Post by: Ayasu on April 27, 2017, 10:47:56 PM
Hey guys!

So, as part of the 10 year anniversary of we're really interested to hear -- what's your fondest memory of Dimensional Death?

I understand that some may not have been with DD as long as other, but if you have any good stories to share, we'd be more than happy to hear it! from now and throughout the month of May, think of and post your favorite DD stories here. Whether it was an accomplishment, something silly, or just a stupid DD meme... or whether you joined us in FFXI, WoW or FFXIV--  we wanna hear it!

Just reply to this thread in order to tell your story!

Close to the end of May, we'll be gathering all these stories together and choosing some to record and make a sort of video tribute out of. If your story gets chosen, we may ask you if you'd like to record yourself reading out your story. If you don't want to, that's fine!

We look forward to hearing about some of your favorite memories from Dimensional Death's 10 year history.
Title: Re: [DD10] What's your fondest memory in Dimensional Death?
Post by: Sweet Swirl on April 28, 2017, 05:49:52 AM
I haven't been playing for very long but my favorite so far is when Everyone helped me and Lynx in the final stretch of Relm Reborn when we went and destroyed the bad people and saved Thancred! I have so many pictures from that moment because it mattered so much for me and my friend , and I want to thank everyone who helped!!
Title: Re: [DD10] What's your fondest memory in Dimensional Death?
Post by: Merlitaru on April 28, 2017, 06:50:17 AM
*frowns thoughtfully* I've been here for ages. Unfortunately, my memory has been destroyed due to my illness. I think my favorite memory that I can remember is last year at Las Vegas. I'd been down and depressed and fighting my MS. I really needed a pick-me-up. So I went with the crew to FanFest. It was the best time I had in ages. It was so nice to see everyone again. Aya, Celedh, even meeting new people and experiencing Las Vegas for the first time. It really meant a lot to me. And everyone was really nice to me even though I was stuck in my stupid scooter, we even made our stupid 'escorting the payload' joke about it. It was such a memorable event and I am so glad that I went. Even still to this day it puts a smile on my face.
Title: Re: [DD10] What's your fondest memory in Dimensional Death?
Post by: Hails on April 28, 2017, 12:12:44 PM
That one time when we didn't think we could do the thing, but then we did the thing. That was alright

Title: Re: [DD10] What's your fondest memory in Dimensional Death?
Post by: Aoi Neko on April 28, 2017, 01:15:12 PM
Oh! I will say, tho I didn't join Dimensional Death till FFXIV, I've already had alot of fond memories with you all! From the "pool" party to secret santa this year, it's always good times! From discussions of various things on whatever voice chat programs we are using, to the inappropriate innuendos and puns, and all the  "GODDAMNIT KIRK!"'s I've heard, this fc means the world to me..So much that when my niece and her best friend started playing I insisted they make characters on Excalibur and join!!

But the fondest of memories... Definitely has to be the nights raiding with you all (Cel, Laude, Tunod, Aya, Flare, Ox, and Kirk {whatever your name is now}). I was a inexperienced raider (most raiding I ever did was Dynamis in FFXI) and going thru a VERY difficult time in RL.. but the feeling of comradery got me thru it.. and made me desire to play again once the dust settled. I still want to come to a fan fest with everyone and make a group costume of sorts! I look forward to many more years playing and adventures with this guild!!!  <3 <3 <3
Title: Re: [DD10] What's your fondest memory in Dimensional Death?
Post by: N'aline Halah on April 28, 2017, 04:11:13 PM
There's a lot!

But I think the most iconic, and probably the most typical, moment for me has to be clearing Praetorium for the first time.

I originally started playing FFXIV when ARR launched, on another server. I quit at about level 32 and got back into the game on this server and got invited to the FC because of Tunod(IIRC). Took me a while to level but when I hit 50 and got ready to do Praetorium, it didn't take long for me to get a full FC group to do it with, most with names I didn't recognize! If I can, I always make sure to pay that one forward!

Also: Less directly gaming-related, and not everyone will get it and that's fine, but DD was where I first came out and that was a pretty big moment for me!
Title: Re: [DD10] What's your fondest memory in Dimensional Death?
Post by: Naosha on April 28, 2017, 06:24:02 PM
I've been a DD but whether I'm actively in the group or playing with as a cameo appearance,  some of the best fun is ususally in Discord/Mumblr.  I can have the worst day, be anxious of dealing with the fallout of leaving DD (again) and all of that falls away   the moment we all get together for an event. 

I personally wanna thank Aya because I don't know how well we would have kept up after finding each other again if it wasn't for this group, so I'm  truly thankful for it
Title: Re: [DD10] What's your fondest memory in Dimensional Death?
Post by: Zodoix Dragonblur on April 30, 2017, 01:15:07 AM
i have had a lot but lets throw back to when i joined and forever set in stone the name ZrrDrr. Basically no could say Zodoix for the most part and Ayasu fucked up saying and basically went Zrrdrr derrrgnblrr and that is the epic tale of how i become ZrrDrr short i know but its a name that will stick for years to come! i'm really happy to be apart of this group i look forward to being apart of DDeath for years to come! still cant believe I've been in here for 3 years. i mean its a short time but I've loved every minute of it :D
Title: Re: [DD10] What's your fondest memory in Dimensional Death?
Post by: talran on May 01, 2017, 11:28:26 AM
I haven't been here for long, but I would have to say my favorite DD10 moment was getting through binding coil with the whole group.

Oh, and watching Ox repelling shot into death, and Aya disengage into the tiger pits.
Title: Re: [DD10] What's your fondest memory in Dimensional Death?
Post by: Slvr Stryker on May 03, 2017, 07:47:50 PM
I *think*...my favorite thing I've ever done in Dimensional Death...was being a Chi Cannon back in XI.

Clarification to those who don't know: way, WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY back when we played Final Fantasy XI, we used to fight the gods in Ru'Aun Gardens (or sky as we called it): Byakko, Seiryu, Suzaku, and lolGenbu, culminating in a final boss fight of Kirin.  This was back in the days of a level 75 cap, before Abyssea, around the time of Chains of Promathia and *its* end-game segment that was somewhat released and ran by other people.  Well, around that time, MNKs weren't exactly known for their physical output against the gods (not yet, anyway), so we took the older method of using a skill called Chi Blast, which was pumped up by umpteen million Boosts, a ton of Mind-increasing gear (as well as food and BRD songs) just before running up and blasting the ever-loving hell out of it.  I, with Laude and I *want* to say a couple of others, basically formed our own little section I dubbed the "Chi Cannons", because when the attack ability landed, it wasn't a simple blast...no, it was *LITERALLY A CANNON*, to the point where when one hit, we had the hate for a decent amount of time.
What was the joke?  "Chi Blast ou-OH SHIT, GET IT OF ME!"  Good times. =D
Title: Re: [DD10] What's your fondest memory in Dimensional Death?
Post by: Nyekyu on May 04, 2017, 10:16:30 PM
(Note: This post was posted by Ayasu through Nyekyu's old account. The words are from her, so this post is by all means a post from Nyekyu -- she just isn't able to post it herself.)

Salutations, it has been quite some time.

For those who don't know me I am Nyekyu, Mithra Paladin from the heyday of Dimensional Death when we were on Phoenix server in FFXI.  To those that know me, yes it seems I had disappeared suddenly all those years ago but circumstances required me to do so. I have written a separate letter to Ayasu detailing the rollercoaster ride of my life in which it is up to her judgement to whom she can share this information with as that part of my life is over and buried. 

Steering away from all that gloominess, it seems that Aya has requested I join in on this little activity and after all the hoops she had to jump through just to be able to contact me I will be happy to oblige.  I know Aya's fondest memory of me at least was shield bashing Mr. Genbu to head trauma induced amnesia (WHO AM I!?!). As for my fondest memory, it would be almost the entire experience of being with you guys. From Ayasu getting randomly Fausted, to poor Footstool being vertically challenged because we couldn't find a short enough table so all that was showing was the top of his head (I wanted to hug him, it was cute~), to running away from Kirin and having Ayasu being randomly hugged to death by Kirin (I danced on her corpse), to the WTF AFK 45 minute shower (Damn it Shin -.-), to Aya being stuck in a dark and scary place (ok a lot of fond memories is Aya dying or generally having a rough day, but you had to be there and it was hilarious and how the hell did you get stuck like that in Windurst in which that you needed a GM to get you unstuck).

There are so many more memories; too much to effectively write down. I will however leave you all with some words of wisdom. To the people I have not met, I am sorry for the missed opportunity but you are in luck. You will build wondrous memories together that will stay with you for quite some time. To the motley crew of misfits I had to babysit, (looking at you guys Slvr, Laude, Celedh and everyone else) the memories I had playing together will be close to my heart until the end.

Title: Re: [DD10] What's your fondest memory in Dimensional Death?
Post by: Shane Gough on May 12, 2017, 07:24:42 PM
Man, here I was trying to find video footage of some amusing moments of DD, but everyone talking about Preatorium reminded me of how I got roped into DD. My sister, Flare was the one who got me in after she moved away to Texas. It was a nice way of keeping in touch with each other. And since I didn't have a computer at the time, I pre-ordered ARR the very last day through PSN (I was even woken up by Flare at like, buttfuck in the morning, just so I could make a character that could go in to Excalibur) so I started the game on PS3 and played on it for the longest time too! (Yes, I was part of the problem!) The best part is probably the fact that Flare ended up yelling at me because I got like almost all the way to level 20 without leaving the comfort of Uldah. :P Possibly better than that was my first run of Titan story where I died and everyone finished the fight for me. I still feel bad for that! XD Incidentally, part of the reason I had changed to PS4 wasn't just Destiny, but the fact that the PS3 limitation on Titan EX were the worst! Ah, the days when I was a bigger pleb. Speaking of, many many thanks to Meli-shishou (aka Tunod) who was the main person to teach me my rotation and let me know that there was no reason for me not to put my point stats into STR, because as an RPG-er, I still had the mentality of having spread out even stats. :d

Here's to many more DD years and have some videos as extras!

Title: Re: [DD10] What's your fondest memory in Dimensional Death?
Post by: Aria on May 12, 2017, 08:07:26 PM
One of the best times I've had with y'all in my short tenure here is when we ran Aquapolis a few times as a group. There were a lot of great moments that night <3. And a lot of this:

Title: Re: [DD10] What's your fondest memory in Dimensional Death?
Post by: Sabelina on May 12, 2017, 10:19:04 PM
Probably the time I broke the wind boss in WoW.
We were doing great until I get knocked off and start dry humping a pole.
Couldn't log out. Couldn't do anything because I was still "falling"
And then Aya had to help me contact support because I broke it too hard
Title: Re: [DD10] What's your fondest memory in Dimensional Death?
Post by: Fiona Felix on May 16, 2017, 09:52:01 AM
A specific memory, hmm...
Probably the first few times running Crystal Tower raids in FFXIV, since that's the game I mostly stick to.  I remember being intimidated by the idea - being used to WoW and a bunch of hardcore raiders who were very unforgiving and kind of made me hate life for a while - but the players in DD were incredibly forgiving despite my screwups.  And we had fun, and did the red-white dance on Angra Mainyu, and punched the Cloud until it gave loot that everyone outrolled me on - but I didn't care because playing was fun again.

And really that's the best thing, and the thing that keeps me playing and sticking around; that DD has a bunch of people who are friendly and not huge bags of dicks to someone who doesn't know the content.  It's just fun to play with you all, to hang out and watch movies, to chat with people on Discord and watch the puns and shitposts and reactions fly by; I love XIV, but it wouldn't be half as good without all of you.

You all mean more to me than I can really express here, especially with the crap going on in my life right now.  It's just so good to have you around.
Title: Re: [DD10] What's your fondest memory in Dimensional Death?
Post by: Silk on May 16, 2017, 05:07:15 PM
first meeting everyone in icc and being a retard and being told that i belong with them and to leave my current guild
Title: Re: [DD10] What's your fondest memory in Dimensional Death?
Post by: Mahoyuki on May 16, 2017, 05:34:51 PM
fonsedt momery tighm be wenh Aya siad "forums on something write memory of fondest" to teh Lysdexic me 

(i kid but have been known to speak like the quoted section, ask Ltheb)

My fondest memory would be from our first use your words game.  It was fun to watch and once i was in it and slightly drunk i figured out the formula to winning the game, all the trophies, and having a great time with everyone at all our expenses....... and saying lots of over 18 stuff i would never say in public, thanks alcohol.
Title: Re: [DD10] What's your fondest memory in Dimensional Death?
Post by: Chiama on May 16, 2017, 05:41:10 PM
I've resurrected from the grave to recount my fondest memories of coming home from school and loggin on into sky waiting for my turn to chi blast Kirin, while everyone else in the alliance did the actual work to take down the NM :)
Or making the whole LS farm a 24hour NM in attowha canyon for some gloves that weren't even that great  8)
Or how everyone was always there to help me progress through those weirdly difficult storyline missions  :o
Or using the TTS function very obnoxiously because I didn't have a mic  ;)
Title: Re: [DD10] What's your fondest memory in Dimensional Death?
Post by: Senji on May 16, 2017, 06:15:08 PM
Those 24 man blind runs yo.

Title: Re: [DD10] What's your fondest memory in Dimensional Death?
Post by: Celedh Knight on May 16, 2017, 07:03:26 PM
Putting my fondest memories into words is kinda hard, since there's so many. It's more like a collection of anecdotes, little stories, events, so many things that happened that makes a whole memory.

From the moment we moved from other Linkshells into Dimensional Deaths, the times we invaded Sky, how we learned it like the back of our hand, the times we failed or had to give up for any reason (like Lightday followed by double Light weather... on Byakko). Breaking the Shadowbind, nuking Shiva with Freeze II, Limbus runs...

There's the memes, the PowerThirst, the videos we made, the meetings at FanFest. No matter what we do, winning or losing, it's a memory and a learning experience.

Then DD moved on to other games gradually, until FFXIV appeared, and then we do it all over again. It doesn't really have the same kind of multi-alliance events that FFXI did, but more important is that the people involved are the glue that keeps things together. 10 years later, we're still a community, more than simply a Linkshell, a guild or a Free Company. It could go by any name, it's still us.
Title: Re: [DD10] What's your fondest memory in Dimensional Death?
Post by: Zero Doken on May 17, 2017, 09:18:42 AM
Clearing out the Binding Coil of Bahamut was pretty great.  Although I think the best things are the simple things, Ramuh and Shiva were particularly good for endless punning fun.  Shockingly, I believe we got well over an hour, maybe even two, worth of electricity related puns one night on Ramuh...I do feel somewhat sorry for Aya's desk though.
Title: Re: [DD10] What's your fondest memory in Dimensional Death?
Post by: Kreme on May 17, 2017, 06:18:22 PM
How about the first event I went to at around 30ish level on rdm.  I cast paralyze on Hakutaku and it stuck.  Maybe even being level 15 and surprising Area when I told him i didn't know where valkrum dunes where.  Passing by a tiger's face in batallia past as a level 50 not agroing it and Nalian getting eaten by it shortly afterwards.  Me, Vea, and Attica trioing Cactrot Rapido.  There are many more.  Don't have just one fondest memory.
Title: Re: [DD10] What's your fondest memory in Dimensional Death?
Post by: Lilisi Lisi on May 20, 2017, 08:39:26 PM
It's been hard to think of a good single best memory, but I've had a lot of fun with the raiding and clearing all of the  ex primals and raids thus far. Also, the glamour contest was a blast. We should do it again some time.
Title: Re: [DD10] What's your fondest memory in Dimensional Death?
Post by: Jolaine on May 20, 2017, 08:52:31 PM
Hi, so i haven't been with you guys long but my fondest memory, is when i was doing castrum and was actually partied with you guys. U then said that there is a second part and that i was welcome to join. I was surprised and amazed at this and especially how you guys waited at the cut scenes for me. Which people usually skip, but you guys did not. You guys then were said you had a free company and i was welcome to join. I immediately left my other free company (that didn't do anything) and joined you guys, and man i have to say you guys are the most community and close guilds i have ever seen. i am an mmo vetren played mmos from wow and guild wars to bns and age of wulin, and i have never seen a guild as close as you guys, so congrats. So i guess thanks for inviting me and ur free company rules
Title: Re: [DD10] What's your fondest memory in Dimensional Death?
Post by: Santhara on May 20, 2017, 11:26:00 PM
Others have posted similar, but leveling up through ARR and doing the story dungeons with DD was a great experience. Getting to run it with friends on top of actually being able to enjoy the story without worrying about skipping cutscenes made the game a hell of a lot more enjoyable. This is just a great community that I feel very thankful to be a part of.
Title: Re: [DD10] What's your fondest memory in Dimensional Death?
Post by: M'riss on May 30, 2017, 02:09:57 PM
Memories are hard to make when you've only been in the guild for 3 days. Nevertheless, in just 3 days I've already found this group to be more welcoming, encouraging, and uplifting than any other guild I've ever been a part of, in any game I've ever played.  Whenever I call for help, someone is there to provide it. Whenever I say hi, someone is there to greet me. Whenever I'm a little stuck, someone offers to come help push me through.

In only 3 days, I have been utterly amazed at this community.  You've set my standards pretty high in this short amount of time.  I look forward to making new memories with you guys.
Title: Re: [DD10] What's your fondest memory in Dimensional Death?
Post by: sealunis on May 30, 2017, 02:19:10 PM
My fondest memories are all the event that you did that got me to join you guys cause I was bored to death waiting for Stormblood!!!
Title: Re: [DD10] What's your fondest memory in Dimensional Death?
Post by: Hellknight on May 30, 2017, 06:34:17 PM
So I've been trying to think of a memory of being in the guild/linkshell/FC (whatever you want to consider it) and I thought maybe start off with a little backstory of how I came into the group. I've known Celedh for years (honestly I don't remember how many) I first met him when me and some former friends joined a linkshell in FFXI known as Dynamix. I remember running dynamis 2 nights a week religiously with this group. However over time, the shell was slowly going the way many linkshells do. It wasn't by drama or anything, people just ended up having real life commitments that came before the game. Cel can tell you though I was loyal until the end. Through Cel I met Aya and Slvr and we still kinda kept the spirit of dynamix alive and ran dyna every Friday night. I could be wrong but I believe I was invited to join DD but I had loyalty to another shell. But that's another story I'm getting long winded here.

So I eventually joined the FC on day one of 2.0 (I think my mind is foggy). But I played religiously until I got to a point I got burned out (it happens) and I took a break. Came back before Heavensward and was welcomed with open arms and no questions asked. Eventually I burned out again and took probably an even longer hiatus to where I recently came back a couple months ago. Now we get to the memory part. I remember I came back and I wouldn't admit it at the time but I was struggling to get gear and finish the story. I never asked for help cause it's just the way I am but I won't refuse it if offered. Cel got a group together (I forget who all was part of it but you all know who you are and thank you!) and we went and spammed regular Alex and got me geared to 250. Honestly, you ain't gonna find many communities out there that will do that for anyone especially someone who has taken two breaks and one really long break from the game! Maybe it's a little selfish coming up with this memory but it's the one that sticks out in my mind the most.

P.S. Will someone please post the Ifrit story cause I think it would come better from someone who was there besides me lol.
Title: Re: [DD10] What's your fondest memory in Dimensional Death?
Post by: Demarcus on July 05, 2017, 04:05:12 PM
I know I'm late on this thread, and Aya knows I hate posting lol.. I will have to say my fondest moment was when someone broke shadowbind and all of us knew who broke it and wouldn't tell Aya about it, the rage was real LOL