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Title: Members removed due to inactivity [May 28]
Post by: Ayasu on May 27, 2015, 08:17:40 PM
On May 28th 2015, the following members were removed from the FC. Should any of these members wish to return to the FC, they are free to do so!

From here forward, however, we will be keeping with a more strict inactivity policy. For more information on that, please check the Rules Page (http://dimensionaldeath.com/index.php?page=ddrules) under Idle status

Members removed from the FC due to inactivity

Zharah Vandor(476 days)
Press Start(480 days)
Umfufu Murphy(461 days)
Ellisif Audunn(368 days)
Astrid Lafluer(360 days)
Zabet Merula (348 days)
Gally Dreamcatcher (311 days)
Narysa Hanabi (295 days)
Jinx Fireboot (267 days)
Rune Adalwulf (250 days)
Skomoto Dragoon (232 days)
Isagami Rikka (196 days)
Mister Hat (195 days)
Lavian Lilim (165 days)
Isolde Cordwyk (165 days)
Minty Banana (145 days)
U'shakkri Shikhu (144 days)
Geoffrey Hawthorne (143 days)
Phedre Li (143 days)
Sam Whiskey (129 days)
Koh'a Lanbata (126 days)
Raeri Istylo (124 days)
Teemo Swiftscout (103 days)
K'oshka Chatul (101 days)
Rein Zwie (98 days)
Emmeno Pecuar (92 days)

Members removed from Forums
Press Start
Astrid La Fluer
Isolde Cordwyk