Welcome to Dimensional Death, a Final Fantasy XIV Free Company that is currently on Excalibur.

Our Free Company is based around the spirit of cooperation. If you are friendly, helpful, responsible, committed, and able to take a joke or two, you are quite welcomed to join us! We are still searching for raiders, as well as casual players and crafters. Part of the fun is getting better, improving your levels or equipment, and sometimes you need the extra help to do that. That is what Dimensional Death stands for. United, friendly, helpful.

If you are interested in joining us contact any of the officers in-game(Ayasu Lemieux, Celedh Knight, Haldis Omholt, Slvr Stryker, Taber Tia or Laude Valiquette). If you're interested in raiding with us, please use the Raiding Application link on the right side bar.

Even if you are not interested in raiding, we still like having friendly people, crafters for the housing, or just people to chat with during the slower moments.

 Hunting Logs Guide Tips

If you notice an error on the Hunting or Clan Marks Guides, please post about it under the appropriate thread in the Guides subforum:

[Report]Hunting Log Errors
[Report] Clan Centurio Hunt Marks Errors

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Dimensional Death Rules(FFXIV)

These are our rules. If you have any questions or require clarification on any of rules, please contact Ayasu via forum PM or in-game.

Please note that these rules are subject to change. It is the responsibility of individual guild members to ask for clarification and to be aware of the current rules and changes. I will gladly answer all of your questions, but it is quite impossible to just "know" if you understand. Thank you.


General Rules:

1.Don't be an asshat. -- We will not tolerate malicious trolling of any kind in the chat. Period. If you get moderated for your chat, you're gone for good.

2.NSFW links are not okay outside of the #how-lewd channel. -- This is a simple case of "this is why we can't have nice things." Unlike stream chat, links in Discord can be posted by anyone, not just moderators and subs. Play nice! If you wanna be lewd, head to #bot-commands and use the command ".iam lewd"

3.No really, don't be a dick. -- No one cares if you want to come in here and act like a child. If you act like a child, you'll be treated like one and get put in a corner(banned).

4. No Spoilers! -- This goes without saying, but... No spoilers outside of the spoilers channel! We have an FFXIV-dedicated spoilers channel for MSQ discussion, and more channels can be added later, depending on if they're needed for other games. But seriously, please -- NO SPOILERS! Use the command ".iam spoilers" in the #bot-commands channel if you want access to that channel.

5. Don't be too  spammy with links/images in #generalchat -- Our server's general chat serves as a sort of spam-everything dump for everything ranging from dad jokes to serious conversation. Try not to spam too many random images if people are having a conversation if those links/images do not pertain to the conversation.

6. Be respectful. -- We all come from various walks of life and upon joining this Discord and community, we expect every single member here to respect who each other is, and, in general, not be a major asshat. Understand that as a community, we are VERY LGBTQ+ friendly, and are very accepting of everyone -- no matter of various things. Why do I mention this? Because I, myself,  am trans, and our FC Officers and Moderators will have Zero Tolerance towards behavior to the contrary.

7. Have fun!! --As a whole, we are a rather chill community, so let's try to keep things as positive as possible! That said, our community, as a whole, is a mature one, so expect mature language to be used. Most of us swear like sailors here. Fuckin' enjoy.

*Dimensional Death works on a 3-Strikes, you're out ruling system. These strikes are not separated from in- and out-of-game. (Meaning a strike is a strike, then end).

"Warn-able" offenses include, but are not limited to the following examples:
* Chat Spam
* Disrespecting any member of the guild
* Causing a disruption in Free Company or Discord chat
* Misrepresentation of the Free Company(making Dimensional Death look "bad" in the public eye)
* AFKing in Duty Finder groups to harass other players
* Harassing other players
* Flash AFKs during events
* Constant tardiness/holding up events

*Other warn-able offenses are left to leader discretion.

Zero Tolerance
* Ninja Looting - Dimensional Death has in effect a Zero Tolerance rule for Ninja Looting. We are not, and will not be associated with, Ninja Looters. If you are found guilty of ninja looting ANY item from ANY group for ANY reason, you will be removed from the guild. If a leader gets word that you're "stealing" from other players, we will act accordingly.

*Botting/Breaking any TOS - If you're caught botting or cheating, you're gone. End of story. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200.

* Ignore lists - If someone in the raid is on your blacklist, you MUST remove them for the duration of the raid. In the past, there have been major communication breakdowns due to these issues, and we will not stand for a repeat of situations that have occurred previously. If it's known that you have a fellow DD member on ignore, you will receive one verbal warning to remove them from ignore. If it's found out that you still have them on ignore, you will be immediately removed from the FC.

* Bigoted/intolerant behavior - As mentioned above, Dimensional Death has a very diverse roster of people, from all walks of life, and we will not tolerate any bigoted or intolerant behavior of any kind.

Idle status
If you're gone for an extended period of time without saying anything to anyone, expect demotions, or at worst, removal. We'll assume you've quit the game after a certain amount of time and that will make us sad.

After 90 days you may receive a PM on the forums(or Discord) inquiring about your status. If, after 7 days, we hear no word back from you, you may be removed from the Free Company. If you do not have a Forum account to be contacted with, or are not on our Discord, then you will be removed without a PM.

If you've posted on The Dusty Trail(or otherwise informed an officer) that you'll be away for an extended period, we will move you to the "Inactive" Rank. This rank is exempt from removal.


Guild Rank Details

There are currently 8 different guild ranks. Their names and privileges are as

*Guild Leader -- Leader of the guild(Ayasu).

*Officer -- Assists the Guild Leader in various tasks, including, but not limited to -- raid leading, bank maintenance, fielding guild member questions, etc.  Officers report directly to the Guild Leader.

*RMT Leader -- Officer that crafters report to. RMT Leader is also the leader directly in charge of Bank maintenance.

*RMT Minion -- Dedicated crafter rank.

*Class President -- Literally Tunod

*Dippy Bird -- Logged into Discord, be level 70.

*Paissa -- Logged into Discord, be level 60.

*Moogle -- Logged into Discord, be level 50

*Mandragora -- Logged into Discord, be under level 50.

*Discord in MOTD -- Assigned to players who've not logged into Discord. Please join us on Discord! https://discord.gg/Jp7wkxJ

*Mimic -- Rank for alternate characters.

*AFK45MinShower -- The Idle rank

Bank Rules

*Please note that once you deposit items or money into the Free Company Chest, they are considered Free Company property.

Item Requesting
Ask a leader.

 Final Fantasy XIV News

 Breaking News

Please sign up to the forums with your character name, so we know who you are!

Excalibur Character creation is usually open early in the morning, until 3pm CST on weekdays, and 10am CST on weekends.

The SUGGESTION BOX FORUM is now open! If there's anything you'd like to bring up to the officers for whatever reason, this is the place to do so. You can also submit anonymously using the ANONYMOUS SUGGESTION BOX

 Rules and Applications


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