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Author Topic: Marauder/Warrior guide/discussion thread  (Read 11116 times)

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Marauder/Warrior guide/discussion thread
« on: August 23, 2013, 01:07:55 AM »
This guide will be updated as new info is out.

What is a Marauder?
  It's a tank class that emphasizes damage and hp regen. 

What stats are Marauders gonna want?
Vit and Str.

Vit seem to be the highest priority stat for Marauder, especially when you get the Warrior soul crystal.  Vitality gives you extra hp and hp regen.  Having higher vitality also makes a conjurer/white mage's stoneskin protect you even more.  Higher hp values are needed to offset the fact that this class does not have the damage mitigation that gladiator or paladin have.  Remember when allocating bonus points that vit will be worth more than just 1 point because of warrior's defiance ability which increases hp by 25 percent.  Thrill of battle also gives you 20% hp boost while also healing you that much.  This means the higher your max hp, the more you will heal with this ability.

Str seems to be around the same priority as vit.  This stat helps increase our threat and when we do parry reduces the damage we take.  Str also helps increase some of our self healing such as through blood bath, inner beast, storm path and the pugilist ability second wind. 

Marauder/Warrior seem to have it easier during dungeons the grab hate on all mobs do to being able to have overpower, steel cyclone and being able to take both provoke and flash though gladiator/paladin do get their equivalent to heavy swing - skull sunder - butcher's block earlier.  Remember not to get tunnel vision during fights as you may not see either your healer getting smacked or the glowing indicator on the ground for an aoe attack by an enemy.  Both are very important as your healer is your lifeblood and aoe attacks hurt.  I found strafing or going though the mob to be the fastest ways out of aoe attacks/spells. 

O.k. another tanking advice use your markers.  This is done by shift-m.  This is done to avoid confusion.  If you are on vent with all party members this may not be needed, but use it anyways since you may party with people you may not have quick communication with them.  If you want to have a macro that easily lets you set targets go to this page on reddit http://www.reddit.com/r/ffxiv/comments/1h7cf9/the_macro_thread/.

Alright, on to the tanking rotation.  Starting off with Tomahawk is usually the best way to do it.  This is due to the fact that you want to place the mob at the most advantageous spot for your group.  Next is either overpower or flash.  I found it acceptable to use one or the other, though flash is better if they are not all in overpower's cone.   I would suggest the opening to be Tomahawk, overpower/flash, the other ability, then overpower again.  This should allow you to start single targeting the enemies.  The next set of abilities you need depend on whether or not your dps start immediately or if they hold of for a second.  If they are full speed ahead then do heavy swing, skull sunder, butcher's block.  If they don't then do heavy swing to maim.  After this first set you should use flash, unless you didn't level gladiator high enough yet then do overpower.  This will help with making sure that the mobs that you are targeting will stay on you.  The next step is to do heavy swing ->maim->inner beast/storm's eye (depending on your health)->heavy swing ->skull sunder->butcher's block ->heavy swing -> skull sunder -> butcher's block -> flash.  Note that you should check on the other mobs to see if you are needing to do any attacks to it.  The global cool down or gcd is slow enough to allow this to happen.

If you have any suggestions to make or wish to discuss things please post them here.  It will be good for the free company for us to figure these things out as a whole.
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