Welcome to Dimensional Death, a Final Fantasy XIV Free Company that is currently on Excalibur.

Our Free Company is based around the spirit of cooperation. If you are friendly, helpful, responsible, committed, and able to take a joke or two, you are quite welcomed to join us! We are still searching for raiders, as well as casual players and crafters. Part of the fun is getting better, improving your levels or equipment, and sometimes you need the extra help to do that. That is what Dimensional Death stands for. United, friendly, helpful.

If you are interested in joining us contact any of the officers in-game(Ayasu Lemieux, Celedh Knight, Taber Tia, Haldis Omholt, Slvr Stryker or Laude Valiquette). If you're interested in raiding with us, please use the Raiding Application link on the right side bar.

Even if you are not interested in raiding, we still like having friendly people, crafters for the housing, or just people to chat with during the slower moments.

 Hunting Logs Guide Tips

If you notice an error on the Hunting or Clan Marks Guides, please post about it under the appropriate thread in the Guides subforum:

[Report]Hunting Log Errors
[Report] Clan Centurio Hunt Marks Errors
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 Final Fantasy XIV News

Frontpage Announcements

[Wildstar] Free-to-play is now live!
Posted by: Ayasu in General News Announcements on September 29, 2015, 02:35:53 AM
<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rH-ln5SVy9Q" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rH-ln5SVy9Q</a>

[Maintenance]Forum Downtime
Posted by: Ayasu in General News Announcements on September 01, 2015, 10:18:46 AM
Hey guys!

Last night, it looks like the PHP for the forums got infected and brought us down for a bit. I'm talking with Overmind and we're going to look into upgrading the forums to a new type of software for security reasons.

The goal is to 100% back up everything in the forums, to keep all the posts, sub sections, members, etc in the database, and only change the software. However, this means that the website layout may change. I'll be doing what I can to make the change over as smooth as possible!

There may end up being a few days where the forums might not be available. In the case that happens, please check the Dimensional Death subreddit.

Note: Raid leaders, if the forums are inaccessible, please use the DD subreddit to organize your groups.


[In-game Event] Moonfire Faire!
Posted by: Ayasu in Dimensional Death(FFXIV) Announcements on August 05, 2015, 11:30:57 AM

The realm now basks in the golden glow of the summer sun, its cities adorned with balloons and streamers. And the glittering flash of fireworks over the shores of Costa del Sol can only mean one thing?the Moonfire Faire, the fiery festival by which we celebrate the season. Hosted by the Adventurers' Guild, they mean to help the people of Eorzea grow more familiar with their deeds. But alas, this year they are understaffed, and want for assistance. To those who would ensure the celebration is a sizzling success, pray seek out Haermaga, grand chaperone of this year's Moonfire Faire.

Read on for details.

[Heavensward] Patch 3.05 Previews posted!
Posted by: Ayasu in Dimensional Death(FFXIV) Announcements on July 17, 2015, 08:38:11 AM
Hey guys!

Square posted a couple of patch 3.05 previews today, detailing the new PVP mode and a little bit about how Alexander Savage is going to work. They also have a blog post on the JP Dev Blog showing some of the new PVP gear! Below, I've linked to these articles, so you guys can take a look before the patch drops next week.

Based on the maintenance posting on the Lodestone, looks like the servers are coming down for maintenance/patch at 11pm PST on Monday night, as per usual.

07/17/2015 Alexander: Gordias (Savage) Preview!

Patch 3.05 will see the release of Alexander: Gordias (Savage), a more unforgiving version of our latest raid dungeon. What brutal new challenges await within the steely confines of Alexander?

Take a peek.

07/17/2015 New PvP Encounter Preview?Seal Rock (Seize)!

In patch 3.05, the Grand Companies once again ask for the aid of adventurers in staking their claim to Allagan relics. Ready your arms and prepare for battle on the island of Seal Rock!

Take a peek.

Members removed due to inactivity [July 12]
Posted by: Ayasu in Dimensional Death(FFXIV) Announcements on July 12, 2015, 02:39:32 PM
On July 12th 2015, the following members were removed from the FC. Should any of these members wish to return to the FC, they are free to do so!

For more information on that, please check the Rules Page under Idle status

We will also be demoting members to "DeadForumAcct" if one of the following criteria are met:
"Last Active" date is older than 30 days.
"Last Active" date is the SAME as the "Date Registered" date.

This is a new category. The leadership has made it rather clear that the forums are something we want people using. For you to have access to certain benefits of the FC, such as access to the FC bank, or to be able to participate in FC-wide Raffles... a forums account is required.

As always, if there is something you'd like to see us add to the forums, or an adjustment to be made on the forums, please let us know by using the Suggestion Box, linked in the sidebar!

The leadership of Dimensional Death requests that you check the forums at least once or twice a week, as information on raid groups, FC events and other announcements are made here!

Members removed from the FC due to inactivity
(Inactive in-game over 90 days)
Members removed from Forums
(No Usergroup, Forum acct is inactive and the username is unrecognizable, has never been in the FC, or is no longer in FC)
Members demoted to "DeadForumAcct"
(due to forums inactivity)
N'kokori Miyha(130+ days)
Gauza Goldrana (430+ days)
Helltonic Redfox (120 days)
Kintara Wintermoon (116 days)
Vix Nightshadow (101 days)
Explosive Lemon (96 days)
Fe Tish (90+ days)
Alma Elma
Edward Lindsey
Eronae Fletcher
Isolde Cordwyk
Medb Cearnaigh
Myric Runewaker
Narysa Hanabi
Varg Travers
Aeriana Seraph
Aliasse Hellebore
Beardy Mcgee
Calidora Anhan
Cayota Brigs
Chitori Vaunt
Dashaan Rurvok
D'rak Omynth
Chancellor Footstool
Fuki Pahlo
Fola Scath
Jacques Klein
Kimiko Shinobu
Leona Midgels
Lucia Elix
Malo Opasno
Milo Onionbottom
Merin Draznha
Nayu Kuroikaze
Raenerial Gray
Rage Maiketh
Reno Eternia
Robyn Vayne
Sabelina Shio
Vestrina Lance
Vildivin Vanquish

[Guide Announcement] Clan Centurio Hunt Marks Guide!
Posted by: Ayasu in Dimensional Death(FFXIV) Announcements on June 28, 2015, 10:36:48 AM

Hey all! Today we've finalized our Clan Centurio Hunt Mark guide! Thanks to your contributions, this guide should have every hunt mark, from 1 Star through 3 Star mark bills listed!

Just click the link in the sidebar, or the banner up top to open the page. As always, if there are any errors, please report them via the error report thread!

Happy Hunting!

[Heavensward] Happy Patch Day!
Posted by: Ayasu in Dimensional Death(FFXIV) Announcements on June 18, 2015, 09:53:29 AM
(This thread will be updated as any new information comes up, until I go to sleep before launch)

-Update 1 - Added Hype Trailers
-Update 2 - Added SQEX Presents stream (will move to top of thread when LL starts)
-Update 3 - Added BlueGartr Datamining Thread link
-Update 4 (1:38p CST) - LL22 is over, removed stream embed.
-Update 4 (7:08p CST) - And thus I crash. I'll be back on for early access -- we're under 9 hours, now! Patch notes should be on Lodestone, soon, so I'll be up in time to look over them a bit before the gates open!

Hey guys!

As I'm sure many of you've noticed, the 3.0 patch is live on the launcher! WOO! Go ahead and get that downloaded! :D As of the time of this posting, the servers will be coming back up in less than 17 hours! While I know that everyone, myself included, is super hyped for this expansion, and the Direct X 11Client, there was a change in the launcher that hasn't, at the time of this writing, been brought to light.

The game will still default to the DX9 client. In order to enable DX11, I've posted an image to show how.

Patch 3.0 Notes (Preliminary)

Last night, the 3.0 Prelim patch notes were posted. Go ahead and give'em a read before the full patch notes are revealed tonite!

Au Ra Naming Conventions

For those who're planning on race changing to Au Ra tomorrow, there's been a dev post on the official forums detailing Au Ra naming conventions. If you're interested in changing your names, here ya go!

Spoilers on Mumble
While we're all levelling, we're all going to be progressing through the story at different paces -- some faster than others. While I'm all forus all geeking out together on Mumble tonite when the servers come up, I do ask that we all geek responsibly!

For that reason, the "JESUS WHAT" channel has been moved up, and into the Main Channel for a bit, and tagged with "(SPOILERS)". If major plot/story stuff is to be discussed and someone who cares about spoilers is not that far yet, please be courteous and drop into that channel. I would love for us to try to keep things spoiler free in the Main Channel, otherwise! :D

Datamining Threads


The threads linked below here are bound to have spoilers. Click at your own risk -- don't bitch to me if you get something spoiled. =P

Reddit - [MEGATHREAD] Let the Datamining...BEGIN! (Possible Spoilers within, obviously)
BG - Update files are up! Let the DAT mining begin!

Hype Trailers!

If you've not already seen them, here're two hype trailers released this week for Heavensward! Enjoy!

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TGFZ6RJqTWY" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TGFZ6RJqTWY</a> <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9isrXOAUVc" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9isrXOAUVc</a>

Letter from the Producer LIVE Part XXII

Live from E3, SE will be airing the Live Letter covering gameplay that showcases airship crafting, the new loot system, and more. UPDATE -- it's over

[SQEX] Upcoming Item Adjustments for Heavensward
Posted by: DDNews in Dimensional Death(FFXIV) Announcements on June 11, 2015, 06:35:47 AM

As previously announced, a number of items introduced in Version 1.0 and FFXIV: ARR will be adjusted upon the release of FINAL FANTASY XIV: Heavensward.

Please make sure to check both your inventory and your retainers? inventory prior to the release of Heavensward.

Read on for details.

[Meeting] June 17th
Posted by: Ayasu in Dimensional Death(FFXIV) Announcements on June 09, 2015, 10:29:06 PM
Hey everyone!

On Wednesday, June 17th, we'll be having a Free Company meeting to draw lots for the Anniversary Raffle and also to discuss our plans for Heavensward! This meeting will be at 9pm EST and run for about an hour or so.

I do ask that EVERYONE show to this! The things we're discussing will affect EVERYONE in the Free Company for the expansion!

Some of the things we'll be discussing are:

Raffle Results
Airship plans
Crafter plans
...and more!

Again, this meeting is at 9PM EST on JUNE 17TH and will be held in the 2nd floor of the FC House.

Please be there~!

[Announcement] Dimensional Death 8th Anniversary Raffle!
Posted by: Ayasu in Dimensional Death(FFXIV) Announcements on June 05, 2015, 08:03:24 PM
    Hey guys!

    To celebrate Dimensional Death's anniversary, and to raise some cash for the FC bank(AIRSHIPS!) for Heavensward, we're holding a Raffle!
This Raffle is expected to run from today until June 18th, with winners chosen the night before. If there is maintenance, then the deadline may need to be pushed up to the 17th, so that all members can attend a mini-meeting for the drawing!

As we're not able to gauge participation right off the bat, we're initially only going to announce the grand prize, and as more people buy in, we'll announce if there will be more prize tiers. All of the Gil earned from this raffle will be going towards the FC Bank, for use in building our Airship in Heavensward!

I'm sure many of you guys are looking forward to leveling your Horse-Birds in Heavensward, but as you all may know, you'll need a Thavnarian Onion to break the level 10 limit.

So, in order to help out with this, we've got a bunch of Onions stored up for prizes!

The Grand Prize for winning the Dimensional Death Anniversary Raffle is as follows:
  • 3 Thavnarian Onions
  • 1 King Tomato
  • 1 Mandragora Queen
  • 1 Eggplant Knight
  • 1 Garlic Jester
  • 1 Onion Prince

Second Prize
  • 2 Thavnarian Onions
*YOUR CHOICE* of TWO(different)of the 4 remaining minions:
  • 1 King Tomato  -OR-
  • 1 Mandragora Queen  -OR-
  • 1 Eggplant Knight  -OR-
  • 1 Onion Prince

Third Prize
Coming Soon!

Other prizes will be added/announced depending on participation!

Buy-in Costs/Limitations

- 20,000 gil per "ticket"
- Up to a total of 10 entries (200k max buy-in)
**Please deposit payment for your ticket straight to the FC bank and inform an Officer of your buy-in!

Current Participants:
Tristana (10 Tickets)
Hellknight (10 Tickets)
Abbas (10 Tickets)
Santhara (10 Tickets)
Ayasu (10 Tickets)
N'aline (5 Tickets)
Senji (10 tickets)
Celedh (10 tickets)
Laude (10 Ticket)
Haldis (2 Tickets)
Talran (10 Tickets)
Flare (10 Tickets)
Punted (10 Tickets)
Marious (10 Tickets)
Tunod (10 Tickets)
Lyria (5 Tickets)
Aoi (10 Tickets)
Zero (10 Tickets)
Mynt (10 Tickets)
Shane (3 Tickets)
Seirath (10 Tickets)
Taber (10 Tickets)
Evoluxia (10 Tickets)
Fae (10 Tickets)
Darth (10 Tickets)

Disclaimers and Notes!
If there is very low participation, the grand prize may be reduced.
In order to participate, you must have an account on the forums.[/list]
Su M Tu W Th F Sa
1 2 3
4 5 6 7 8 9 10
11 12 13 14 15 16 17
18 19 20 21 22 23 24
25 26 27 28 29 30 31

No calendar events were found.

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